Touch-Up Q&A

Q: What do you need to create a custom matched color for me?
A: We need the following: A clean color sample, 2 inches square or larger, preferably flat. We also need information on the type of substrate it will be applied to and the environment where it will be exposed. After that, we just need a color name and or part number that you want associated with the custom color that will appear on the label.
Q: What is the lead-time to have a Custom Color Matched Paint order filled?
A: The initial order can vary depending on whether the customer wants to receive a pre-production sample for evaluation and approval purposes. Subsequent orders require 5-6 working days to ship after receiving a Purchase Order. This is because all of our custom matched colors are just that- custom matched. They are not taken off of a shelf and shipped. The approved formula is processed and dispersed into a batch in our Match Department. The batch is then checked against the retained color standard for that customer’s specific color formula. Only then does it make its way to our Quality Control department for review. Lastly, it is scheduled for production and filling on our automated lines.
Q: Why is there a minimum order quantity/Why can’t I just purchase 1 or 2 cans?
A: The color is custom manufactured to our customer’s specifications. The smallest accurate batch sizes we produce have separate minimum yield sizes for an aerosol, Brush-In-Cap Bottle, or Touch Up Pen. There are very tight tolerances and gram weight standards involved with pigments to match the color and guarantee the match. A smaller batch would have us working in fractions (1/100ths) of a gram size, and any small variance would affect the color.
Q: My Custom Matched Color Doesn’t Match
A: The can was not shaken enough. Shake the can vigorously for 60 seconds AFTER the agitator inside the can begins to rattle. This will ensure the pigments are thoroughly mixed to achieve the proper color and gloss.
Q: How accurate is the matched color paint/Doesn’t it take several attempts to get it correct?
A: We guarantee our color matches 100% for color match and gloss. 95% of the time we get the match correct on the first attempt. The remaining 5% are due to the interpretation of a metallic, candy or pearlescent paint and how our customers applied it to a substrate which may take an additional tweak or two to the formula until it is a 100% match.
Q: Are your products MIR compliant to California’s new environmental regulations?
A: Yes, as of January 1, 2017.
Q: What is MIR?
A: MIR stands for Maximum Incremental Reactivity. It’s a measure of an aerosol product to generate ozone/ground smog (pollution). The lower the Incremental Reactivity, the less pollution a product will generate. Numerous aerosol categories have their own MIR limit.
Q: How does this MIR limit change in California impact your touch-up products?
A: Our new, compliant touch-up aerosol enamels will now remain below the maximum MIR limit for each of the various categories. This compliance change will not impact performance, color match or dry time.
Q: When does California’s new MIR regulation go into effect?
A: Beginning January 1, 2017, all products sold or used in California must comply with new lower MIR limits.
Q: Does this compliance only apply to California?
A: Yes. However, we are applying the new MIR limit throughout the United States to ensure if any products reach California, they adhere to the regulations.
Q: Are my existing products in California ok?
A: Yes. Products manufactured prior to January 1, 2017 are deemed compliant under the previous California MIR value regulations.
Q: Why is MIR compliance important?
A: Failure to comply with CARB regulations relative to the new January 1, 2017 limits can lead to substantial penalties and fines. As a distributor of aerosol products, your company takes on the liability for CARB non-compliant products sold in California.